In the furthest reaches of time there was a planet known as Vardos.

It was once a planet of war and destruction, ravaged by it's inhabitants until it was nothing but a dead, spinning core of iron.

However the inhabitants of Vardos, the Medulloids, eventually rose from the ashes of their dead world. The greatest scientists of their race rebuilt themselves into knowledge and logic based forms capable of thriving on their newly revived world. They conquered the rules of reality and time itself. But it was too late.

The combination of the original destruction of Vardos with the Medulloids' experimentation on space-time tore a hole in the fabric of their reality, creating an Infinity Gate from which nothing could escape. The gate engulfed the planet and changed the Medulloids forever.

The once focused and logic-driven Medulloids were inverted into hate-filled machines, incapable of emotion and driven by primal instinct. They had become worse than their ancestors, the exact opposite of what they had striven to achieve.

They became known as the GOBOIDS.

These newly enraged beings began recklessly bombarding the now dormant Infinity Gate, hoping to open it once more and spread their hate and rage throughout the multiverse.  It was not enough that their planet had become a dead shell once more, the entirety of the cosmos had to be under their power.

If the GOBOIDS were to open the Infinity Gate again, they would have the capability of invading any system they sought fit for consumption...

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